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This website was created so you can learn to type with the Qwerty Alphabet on your computer keyboard easily, online, with story, video and song. This version of the Qwerty Alphabet is for English and Italian computer keyboards, typewriters, most cellphones and any other qwerty keyboard. French and Spanish computer keyboards are slightly different, and so, they will have their own song.

A Qwerty Alphabet book is being created. It will have a sound chip in it so you can listen to the qwerty song as you look at the keyboard in the book and follow each letter. You can do all the same things here on this website as you will be able to do with the book, so enjoy learning here for free!

Click on different subjects at the top of the pages to see each of the Qwerty Alphabet activities such as learning about the Qwerty Animal Characters, read about Qwerty the Quail’s Adventurous Quest, and listen to The Qwerty Alphabet Song on the video. This is an interactive website, so you can sing along!

“Music is the one true magic.” Tom Petty

“The Universe is based on music, tones and overtones.” Drunvalo Melchizedek

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Welcome To The Qwerty Alphabet!